Dec 12, 2016 08:37 AM EST

iPhone latest News & Updates: 5 Things Apple iPhone Scores Better Than Google Pixel

There is a lot to love about Google's Pixel, but the iPhone has its individual set of advantages that sets it apart from the rest, especially the iPhone 7. Those advantages range from the software to hardware. Check out the iPhone's best perks to see if they weigh more importance to you than the Pixel's.

The Network of Apple

iPhone and Mac combination offers a cluster of useful features that help you do things very easily. For instance, AirDrop marks it unbelievably simple to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to MacBook Pro and vice-versa. iPhone can transform into a hotspot for Mac laptop with the ease of not having to dig into the iPhone's settings. If you initially set up your iPhone to become a hotspot, it will become a choice to use as a hotspot in the MacBook's rooster of available WiFi networks.

In addition, using iMessage, FaceTime, and receiving phone calls on your Mac is also really easy and nice. Android users will notice that almost everything mentioned here can be completed with an Android phone. However, as of yet, nothing has demonstrated to be as easy or hassle-free as the iPhone/Mac combo.

The iPhone Better Looks

iPhone 7's design is fundamentally three years old since it basically looks the same as the iPhone 6, but it's still a beautiful device. The Pixel and Pixel XL are pleasant, but not as fine as the iPhone. In addition, there are more color selections for the iPhone than there are for the Pixel, including matte black, silver, gold, jet black, and rose gold. The Pixel only has black and silver, and the blue color is a limited edition that was sold out easily minutes.

The iPhone 7's Water-Resistance Feature

iPhone 7's water-resistance feature is more of a front-line defense against water damage than an enabler to take underwater photos. Unfortunately, the Pixel falls short in this category, lacking water-resistance feature.

The iPhone 7 Plus' Dual-lens Camera

The iPhone 7 Plus' second lens allows you to zoom in without forgoing image quality. The reason for this is because the second lens adds optical zoom and not the customary digital zoom says Business Insider. The optical zoom utilizes the lens itself to zoom in and maintains the size of the pixels. On the other hand, digital zoom basically zooms into the pixels, which produces blurriness because of the enlargement of the pixels or technically pixelated state of the photo.

iOS is Better Than Android

iOS is a chicer, more appealing operating system, even if at times it is getting a little fusty. On the other hand, Android 7.1 on the Pixel is interesting although in terms of functionality it is more utilitarian. Also, unlike the iOS, Android's bold colors don't appear to exude an air of a premium quality.

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