Dec 13, 2016 07:37 PM EST

‘Clash Royale’ Latest News & Update: Supercell Reveals New Jungle Arena And Four New Cards To Be Launched On January 13, 2017!

"Clash Royale" fans are in for an early Christmas treat. Fresh from winning the best game of the year for iPhone, "Clash Royale" announced via their official Twitter account that a new Jungle Arena and four new cards will be introduced into the real-time strategy game on January 13, 2017.

'Clash Royale' Jungle Arena Details

"Clash Royale" announced on their official Twitter account that the new arena called "Jungle Arena" is set to be introduced on January 13, 2017. The new arena can be unlocked when a player reaches 2600 trophies.

According to the official website of "Clash Royale," a fresh new look is also coming to the inbox section of the game and its going to be called "News Royale."

'Clash Royale' Four New Cards: Goblin Gang, Battle Ram, Dart Goblin, Executioner Will Change Dynamics Of The Game

In another Twitter announcement, "Clash Royale" posted a photo of the four new cards. One card is going to be released every two weeks starting on January 13, 2017. According to Clash Royale Arena the four new cards are the Goblin Gang, Battle Ram, Dart Goblin, and the Executioner.

The Goblin Gang is a troop-type common card that costs 3 elixirs. The Goblin Gang spawns 3 knife goblins in front of 3 spear goblins. When unopposed, the Goblin Gang can cause 1200 damage to a tower.

The Battle Ram is a troop-type rare card that has an attack damage the same as that of a Hog Rider while also having the capability to charge like the Prince. The Battle Ram costs 4 elixirs and only targets structures. However, once the Battle Ram connects, 2 Barbarians will be activated.

The Dart Goblin is a troop-type rare card that has an attack speed the same as the Lumberjack, and having an attack range the same as the Royal Giant. While the Dart Goblin costs 3 elixirs to deploy, it can be killed easily by Arrows or the Log.

The Executioner is a troop-type epic card that throws an axe like a boomerang which causes splash damage on the way forward and on its return. The Executioner costs 5 elixirs and can attack both air and ground troops. While the attack speed is slow, the Executioner's range is similar to that of the Witch.

The new Jungle Arena and the four new cards look as promising as they are hyped up to be. It's good timing that Supercell chose to announce this now right after the Apple App Store recognized "Clash Royale" as the best game for 2016. Fans of the game are expecting a massive update for "Clash Royale" to make the game more interesting and competitive and Supercell exceeded those expectations. It's just too bad that fans will have to wait for January 13, 2017 to enjoy these new features. Getting them for Christmas would have been perfect.

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