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Career Advice: 4 Strategies To Give Millennials A Sense Of Purpose And To Keep Them Motivated

Some companies hire millennials, however, those who are on the so called "Generation Y" are said to be less motivated, not goal oriented, and delusional. Sometimes, even those who happens to be millennial agrees with it. One of the study from Hubspot in 2013, managing millennials is quite difficult for some of the corporate recruiters.

But it is really true that there are some people that's difficult to deal with, aside from millennials. But in order to keep them motivated and active in the work (especially the millennials), they must feel the sense of purpose in the company; freedom is also needed as millennials are also known to be independent. If this will be the case, they will appreciate their value of the company as well as the value of their work.

Entrepreneur list down four strategies to keep the millennials motivated, and to give them a sense of purpose.

1. Think Differently, Because They Do

Managing the employees before is very easy and there's only rare cases encountering difficulties. Like for example; going to work everyday and getting the paycheck during the weekends. But now, it seems to be different at all. Millennials has different perspective than those who came from the past generation or before the "Generation Y." They love to have challenges in life because they do not want to stick with what's happening around. They want all of these because they are looking for experiences to be professional and to grow as a person. It is said that, some millennials wants to lead rather than to follow; they want to know if they are creating such impacts even though it is sometimes small.

2. Give Them Purpose, Not An Assignment

The generation of millennials want to feel a purpose. One of the article from HR says; millennials always want to believe and obey the company's mission. They want to know how people help each other to achieve the mission. One of the motto that a company should have is: "Help change the world." 84 percent of millennials believes that everyone can make a difference rather that having recognition without making a difference. It is not about the profit, 92 percent of companies believes that giving purpose is much better that earning money.

3. Public Outreach Can Equal Employee Outreach

One of the way to give millennials the sense of purpose is promoting and making some appearance in the public, like for example a charity outreach. It is something that you can give to balance the workforce while giving them sense of purpose in expanding their horizon.

4. Growth Potential, Not Promises

Some of the people from the millennial generation want a fast moving career and continuous growth. They do not want to wait because they want progress especially in career. Often said, millennials tend to look about the disadvantages; they do not want such promises like having promotions in the future. They do not want some sort of hierarchy or the bureaucracy; like making a participation without any appreciation. They tend to be less engage which will result to losing interest. Tell them that even a simple member (without any position in the company) can make a difference and can bring a big impact in the company.

In another article from Jobs & Hire, there are three challenges where millennials need to face in every workplace, these are: email etiquette, networking, and dress code.

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