Sep 05, 2013 12:27 PM EDT

Futurama Season Finale [RECAP & FULL EPISODE]: WATCH One of The Most Touching Season Finales (Yet?)! [VIDEO & REPORT]

Animated comedy series Futurama concludes with touching series finale-again.

The show features former pizza delivery boy Fry, who awakens from a cryogenic state, in the future. His romance with one-eyed Leela is a constant plot element in the popular comedy show.

After an interrupted seven-season run, it seems to be time for the show to finally run its course, ending with lead characters Fry and Leela, with Fry finally getting enough courage to propose to Leela, only to have her hand unceremoniously chopped off as the clam containing the ring slams shut the first time she reaches out for it.

Thinking that Leela would not marry him, Fry decides to jump off of the Vampire State Building, only to see her walking up on his way down, due to his watch being faster than usual, due to all his time jumping misadventures. He attempts to jump back in time again, but only for ten seconds and unfortunately finds himself stuck in a time loop, as he had been falling for more than the allotted amount of time.

The gang ultimately manages to save the hapless Fry, only to realize that he had inadvertently broken the time device, to freeze time for everybody-with the exception of Fry and Leela. This gives the couple the chance to get married, travel, and live a long and full life together with the rest of the world frozen in time.

Another character though, Professor Farnsworth, shows up to fix things, resetting time to before he even invented the time button, the device that Fry managed to break time with, which means that everything went back to even way before Fry and Leela got married.

Fans and critics alike have lauded the finale, noting that it was the perfect way to say goodbye, "by saying hello again." And with this, ending the adventures of Planet Express. Or is it?

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