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Business Tips: 8 Essential Ways To Manage Your Virtual Team

Working at home or having a virtual office is a lot more challenging rather that the physical one. Even if it is comfortable, sometimes those who work online tend to delay the work because they believe that they have a lot of time. But remember, working in this type of job includes a team, so you must also consider the things that they are doing to finish the work within the day.

Virtual worker are sometimes difficult to handle, as reported. Obviously, there is no direct instruction physically, there is no proper workplace, and most of the time workers came from different places with different time zones. As a result, it is sometimes hard to set a virtual meeting because of these. What you need to do as a virtual manager is to manage your team.

Entrepreneurs shares the eight essential tips on how to manage a virtual team properly.

1. Be Specific And Detailed In Demands

Giving a specific details with each virtual worker is one of the challenges that you will encounter. You must be specific in everything especially about the guidelines and protocols that they must follow. The only key is to be "specific," avoid unnecessary conversation so that your team will not be confused at all.

2. Specialize The Team

After giving guidelines, of course, as a virtual manager you must assign at least one or two individual work with certain topic on each of the members. But still, never forget the essence of teamwork. It is said that, those who works as a team (including virtual workers) tend to enjoy their job.

3. Create A Virtual Meeting Place

Sending emails and sharing documents is a good way to make the wok much easier. However, there are still things that you need to discuss with the team. Set a meeting by making some kind of group chat using social media or WhatsApp.

4. Utilize The Overlap In Working Hours

Often, dealing with different time zones is one of the hardest part. Sometimes, it is difficult to set a meeting, or to talk about urgent matters because everyone might not be present. You need to be considerate with everyone. However, you can make an agreement with your virtual time, set a certain period of time when there is a meeting so that everyone will never miss any single details of the discussion.

5. Set Up Reward Systems To Motivate Your Team

The amount of payment still depends on the demand of work and how long it will be. But in order to motivate your virtual team, give them some incentives when they achieve something that is beyond your expectations.

6. Give More Jobs To The Best Of Your Team

Make sure that you give the works according to the ability of your member. Do not give the a lot of job if they are not really capable in doing it. Give the job to those who showed consistent quality of work.

7. Establish Some Order In Personal Work Systems

Organize the documents in your computer; make a proper folder that separates your clients and the team. Arrange them properly so that you will not have a hard time searching for these files when you need them.

These are the essential tips that may help you dealing with your virtual team. However, you still have another choice on how to manage them properly. In addition, Jobs & Hire also shares on how to understand the risk in building an online business.

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