Dec 17, 2016 11:29 AM EST

Honda NeuV Details: The Car That Can Actually Feel Human Emotions With ‘Artificial Intelligence’

By Conan K.

Honda Motors plan to make the animated show “Cars” a reality by the concept of a smart car that can actually detect and feel emotions, through the concept car which they call “NeuV.”

The smart car would be unveiled next January 2017 at the International Consumer Electronics Show wherein Honda stated that their theme would be "Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem."

Honda confirmed that the smart car would actually be equipped with AI. Seems unnecessary but recently, AI systems were already used to help in assisting drivers particularly in Uber. They also stated that the EV commuter car will run on “emotion engine,” a type of AI that will allow machines to generate their own emotions developed by Cocoro SB, the Japanese artificial intelligence company behind the Pepper robot stated by Wired.

Blasting News reported that Honda even joke that users might hate or love the car, but it can love or hate you back also. Honda explained that the car works the moment the driver gets in and moves out, the car will know what the driver is feeling. Conversations were also made possible according to Honda. The car would also serve as the driver’s partner through years to come allowing it to share moments and grow up with the driver.

With the power of technology, artificial intelligence that our world can already harness now, there’s no impossibility that Honda can truly achieve this strange yet fascinating new innovation in the automobile community which can lead to a whole lot of new mobility experience for people. This car would really create human connectivity and a new value for customers.

Besides this unforeseen concept, Honda also will launch at the event a motorcycle that “demonstrate an application of the company's robotics technology" that will also be assisted by Cocoro SB.

The price and release date are still unknown because naturally, Honda would focus more on the showcase next month to show people what this smart car can actually do and to see how the customers will react to it. Have a first look at the model posted by Honda on their Twitter.

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