Dec 19, 2016 11:34 AM EST

'Super Mario Run' Latest Hack: 'Super Mario Run' Tips & Tricks On How To Collect All Black Coins

The phenomenal launch, "Super Mario Run" is getting players tapping their screens again. Here are the tips and tricks to help you collect all the black coins in the game.

The "Super Mario Run" is jampacked with things to do. Now the players can compete in a special competitive mode, build their very own mushroom kingdom or save the princess peach from the evil clutches of Super Mario's arch nemesis in the game's short campaign. The game is also included with special coins that are hidden throughout the various levels. For this guide, we will be showing the players on how to find and obtain all the black coins hidden in "Super Mario Run." These are the final set of the challenge coins on each level.

The player will need to find and acquire the other two sets before black coins can be collected. Having all the black coins will allow the player to purchase the black coin pipe, which can unlock a special mini-game. In "Super Mario Run," once the world starts the player can continue forward and grab the mushrooms out of the questions blocks ahead. According to Touch Arcade, Mario needs to keep running forward until the set of three blocks hanging in the sky can be spotted. Wall jump off the blocks to grab the black coin above is needed.

The next black coins are found just after the first two sets of goombas walking towards Super Mario. The player needs to jump onto the double set of question blocks. Controlling is to tap and hold your finger on the screen to jump onto the sets of three clouds holding this black coin.

The third black coin in the "Super Mario Run" world can be found a bit further into the level. Several solid blocks will be seen so the player needs to look out and gaps that drop far to the bottom of the screen. The black coin is hidden right along the very edge of the end world. The player needs to be quick to grab it and avoid falling to death, says, Prima Games.

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