Dec 19, 2016 11:31 AM EST

Dakota Access Pipeline News & Update: Leaked Audio File Spells Disaster, Fight Continues Through The Winter

By FG Dullin

The US Army Corps of Engineers delayed the Dakota Access Pipeline across the Lake Oahe. But this is no victory for the Standing Rock Protesters as new reports of leaked audio recording reveals the possible overturning of the current 'impasse', with the odds of the political battle veering in favor of the Energy Transfer Partners.

New York Daily's espionage

According to the article published by Common Dreams, a writer of the New York Daily has uploaded an audio file that allegedly records the speech of the Chief Operating Officer of the Energy Transfer Partners. In it details the hopeful message of the industry that Donald Trump's appointment as the new US president will enable them to go forward with the Dakota Access Pipeline despite fierce environmental and human rights opposition.

The Energy Transfer Partners' COO, Matthew Ramsey, claims that the president-elect and their corporation are on the same page. Unfortunately, this speculation is very accurate. As reported by Jobs & Hire, Donald Trump takes a very hostile stance against environmental concerns, considering most (if not all) of them as a hoax.

Quench your thirst with oil!

Shaun King also published on his Twitter account some specific details about Matthew Ramsey's tirades against the protesters. The COO of Energy Transfer Partners firmly believes that the Standing Rock protest have no basis other than political posturing.

But 'Ms. Bitter Irony' could not have slapped the American public's faces any harder. Out of some sick divine sense of humor, 176,000 gallons of oil has spilled into a creek about 150 miles from Standing Rock location the same exact morning Ramsey gave his speech.

Only the fierce fights in the winter!

In an article published by Fortune, over 1,000 of the fierce protesters remain encamped in North Dakota two weeks after a 'stalemate victory' against the Dakota Access Pipeline. They have measured their resolve with rising cases of pneumonia caused by exposure to sub-zero temperature and substandard settlement.

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