Dec 20, 2016 07:39 AM EST

Donald Trump Supporters Say 'Unpresidented' And Other Typographical Errors Made Trump More Honest

By Kath Bane

On Saturday morning, US President-elect Donald Trump was trolled on a social media site following his typographical error. Netizens seemed to make fun of Trump but his supporters were there backing him up.

Critics quickly loomed when Donald Trump tweeted a status about the United States research drone stolen by China. The act, which he described as "unpresidented", did not become the matter of the issue anymore. People were quick to react correcting the misspelled word, overlooking the concern he was trying to imply.

According to the Fox News, Merriam-Webster dictionary has also made fun of Trump's grammatical error. Following the remarks and comments, Trump hastily deleted his status and updated a new one with the correct spelling of the word on it.

Meanwhile, people also emphasized that this was not the first time Trump committed grammar mistakes on his social media account. It was noted that he has been doing so even in the previous tweets. While haters point it out as an evidence of his incapability to lead the country, his supporters claim that it has no impact on them.

Michael Sacasas, director of the Greystone Theological Institute's Center for the Study of Ethics and Technology, interpreted that this was an honest way for Trump to reach out to the people. Yahoo News noted that people could see the real Trump tweeting what is in his mind without someone coaching him or telling him what to say.

"Whether we are supportive or critical of Trump himself," Sacasas said, "we do see that his personality and his disregard for sort of standard political norms of engagement have made him really the first politician, I think, to really take advantage of Twitter's medium by which he can bypass the press, speak directly to an audience that's going to be receptive."

Donald Trump supporters debunked the idea that what he says is totally nonsensical. In fact, they think that Trump's typos make him look more honest.

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