Dec 21, 2016 11:34 AM EST

How To Achieve Work-Life Balance In 2017: Tips On How To Improve Your Career Along With Your Wellbeing Next Year

As the year comes to a close, many workers are looking forward to a happier, more productive and fulfilling year ahead. 2016 may have been a difficult year for some as many are still struggling to balance a career with one’s personal or family life. However, there is a way to juggle the demands of one’s work and personal life, if only people will take some steps to achieve work-life balance in 2017.

It may seem like an impossible goal, as one’s passion for work could win over the need to take care of one’s self, family, and entire wellbeing. On the other hand, attending to one’s responsibilities as the head of a family could also hinder career growth. With a little compromise, planning, and some attitude adjustment, anyone can achieve work-life balance, which will result to a happier, healthier, and more productive 2017.

Here are some tips on how to achieve work-life balance in 2017.

Make time off from work a part of the routine- According to Sheila Weisblatt, a career counsellor with Momentum Career Consulting (via Concordia Online), people always say that they want to do something, yet many don’t make an effort to make time for it.

“It needs to be something easily incorporated into your day, not an add-on,” said Weisblatt. “If it’s an add-on, it’s something that easily doesn’t get added.” Time off could mean scheduling a part of one’s day to exercise or spending an hour to meditate.

Stop checking email after office hours- Work email should be dealt with at work, and once one gets home, then that’s the time that the focus should be on family and oneself. Incessantly checking on work email at home, could cause unnecessary stress, which would do no good for one’s family or career.

Don’t be a martyr at home or at work- According to life coach Melanie Allen (via The Guardian), being a martyr means someone who says or feels that they have to do everything to keep things at work or at home in perfect order.

“The reason most people are martyrs is that they want the approval of others,” said Allen, adding that people should realize that martyrdom is tiresome to be around and is just infuriating for most people.

Just say no- Oftentimes, the demands of an overbearing boss can be hard to deal with. If the boss keeps on calling after office hours with an unreasonable demand, gently tell the head honcho that the matter will be dealt with the following day, at work.

The same principle applies at home too. If loved ones refuse to pitch in with chores, assign them to family members, with a reminder that things will get done if everyone works as a team. Make chore time fun and give small rewards for a job well done.

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