Dec 21, 2016 01:02 PM EST

Samsung Notebook 9 News, Specs & Upgrades: The Laptop That Spells Light And Heavy At The Same Time

By Conan K.

Just ahead of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) happening in less than a month, Samsung unveils their upgraded Notebook 9.

Chosun named the Notebook 9 as best laptop last Wednesday by U.S magazine Consumer Reports under the 15-16 inches ultra-portable category with having received 77 out of 100 points same as Apple MacBook Pro. Its 1.27 kg and high-performance were given remarks that made it top off MacBook Pro with 2 kg.

Samsung’s Notebook 9 tops the tech market as the thinnest and lightest laptop ever, according to Latin Post. The new Notebook falls into two categories: the 15-inch variant and the 13-inch variant. It is also powered by Intel Kaby Lake i5 and i7 processors with SATA SSD, up to 256GB in the 13 inches while the 15 inches variant has up to 16GB RAM. Both variants can be upgraded to an NVMe SSD and up to 256GB.

If you don’t like the MacBook Pro much, this Notebook 9 is much appropriate for you. With its fingerprint scanner with Windows Hello support also, it would make you seem using the MacBook Pro. Of course, it looks too far from being close to a MacBook Pro. With slim bezels for the near edge-to-edge display, it still has the previous netbook screen range 1920x1080, 350 nits’ brightness and outdoor mode of 500 nits with Intel's integrated graphics.

Meanwhile, PC World stated that the PC makers expect a rise from 5 to 15 percent improvement from the Notebook 9. The chips that would be incorporated are still yet to be announced at the upcoming CES 2017.

In addition, Laptop Mag reported that the Notebook 9 is packed with a seven-hour battery life expected usually from ultra-portable laptops these days. Yet it was stated that the battery tests are yet to come since the laptop is equipped with Kaby Lake chips, it has an increased chance of having a longer battery life like what their experience with other laptops did.

Moreover, the bright side is that the Notebook isn’t picky about its charger. Samsung says that even smartphone chargers can do it but obviously at a slower rate, and it only includes chargers that support USB Type C. The Notebook 9 was also said to have a fast charging feature that only takes 80 minutes to full charge.

This Notebook 9 really lives up to being the lightest laptop but stays heavy with specs and performance at the same time. While waiting for the upgraded version, take a look at the 2016 Notebook 9 in the video below.

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