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‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 516 Spoilers: Erza’s Father & Eileen’s Dragon Form Revealed! The Truth Behind Eileen’s Enchantment?

By Conan K.

Grand revelations were made in Chapter 515 of "Fairy Tail." The big question was already answered on who Erza’s father is.

Erza's father was the general in the neighboring country. But the biggest revelation was that Eileen really did become a full form dragon.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 515 featured the heartbreaking tale of Eileen. She toldl Erza that her father was a general from a neighboring country, who fought with her through many battles and took care of her when Belserion died in the battle with the dragons. Then the battle ended with Acnologia killing everyone except them.

Meanwhile, just one week after the battle, Eileen began to change form. As Erza’s father and the other humans feared that she would turn just like Acnologia, so they tortured her and humiliated her. She endured everything. The general planned to kill Eileen yet Eileen pleaded for Erza’s sake. The general refused that Erza was her daughter since Eileen was already pregnant for three years.

Just when Eileen was about to get killed, she lost her sanity and took on her full form dragon. She then escaped with hopes of turning back to human. Zeref was right in time and Eileen was immediately turned back to normal. But, her physique was the only one changed. So she planned to reincarnate herself to Erza to gain her human form to its full potential. It didn’t work so she just dumped Erza in a village, as she said so. Erza then thanked her for protecting her. But her will to kill Eileen still didn’t waver for she is the enemy of Fairy Tail.

The next Chapter 517 would reveal “The Truth about Enchantment” since Eileen is obviously not telling the truth to Erza and still hides something. Here are some speculations about the next chapter;

Erza Died In Her Womb

Tripped Media stated that Eileen spent more than 100 years of giving birth to Erza, so it could mean that if Erza is a human child, Erza is already dead and Eileen just keeps her in her womb due to desperation issues.

But this theory is countered in the panel when Eileen said that she could feel the human child inside her which she could reincarnate into, but then again Eileen is already being mentally crazy in her case, so it might just be her thoughts that’s driving her.

Eileen Gave Erza Enchantment To Be Human

The other speculation is that Erza was born a dragon, which explains her years of growth rate. Eileen feared that Erza would experience what she had endured so she gave her the last piece of her humanity, which is why Zeref can’t turn her human senses back, a tragic mother-daughter story indeed. The bargain may be that in exchange she would die in Erza’s hands. However, the Hiro Mashima not killing any major role characters in the series was broken by the time when Gray’s father died.

Eileen Turns To Good

Meanwhile, Hofmag's guess is that Eileen really is a good mother and that she loves Erza that much to tell her something that would lead Erza to kill her because of her guilt of leaving Erza. The event finally ends with her turning to good because she wants to spend more time with her daughter.

What do you think of the theories above? Do you agree that Eileen is really a good-natured mother that just hides it in the mask of evilness? Share your thoughts below.

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