Dec 29, 2016 08:42 PM EST

VR And AR Level Up: This Startup Is Working On A Techonology That Can Control Devices Through Thoughts

By Conan K.

Neurable is working on a product that would bring augmented reality and virtual reality to the next level. The project would enable people to control a device by "thinking at them."

Ramses Alcaide, Neurable's CEO, stated that their project's vision is to standardize brain control as means of human interaction for any hardware or software. "So people can walk into their homes or their offices and take control of their devices using a combination of their augmented reality systems and their brain activity," he explained, per Tech Crunch.

Neurable's project will rely on today's available electroencephalography (EEG) devices, which are used for measuring brain activities. The results will be used to create a three-dimensional user control. The user will take control of the devices with their brain rather than physical contact. The difference in this study from those of the AI and other VR devices is that Neurable doesn't plan on building a hardware for the project.

So far, Neurable's technology has made it possible for people "to play games, control toys and drive a full-sized car using only their thoughts," as stated on its website.

Neurable's project could particularly help those with disabilities, enabling them to achieve tasks through brain control. For now, the project is aimed to be utilized in the gaming world first.

Neurable is a tech startup, and it has received awards for its successful technical and business plans. Neurable comes from the words "Neuro" and "able", which mean to be able to do things with your brain. It is founded by former University of Michigan student researchers Ramses Alcaide, Michael Thompson, James Hamet and Adam Molnar.

According to Tech Times, the team already received $2 million from BOSS Syndicate allocated for funding the science fiction-breaker software. The science fiction of telekinesis which is to harness thoughts into objects would indeed be brought to reality through this project. You can also watch Neurable's CEO Alcaide's story and inspiration below.

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