Dec 29, 2016 06:55 AM EST

Tech Trends To Watch: Virtual Technology And Internet Of Things

It is expected that major developments will have been reached in Virtual Technology and Internet of Things by 2021, changing the way consumers shop, drive, consume media, and are entertained.

With technology, everything is dynamic and fast moving. Breakthroughs and advances are being made every day and for the next five years, Forbes Technology Council members predict these five trends to kick off, reports Forbes.

Internet of Things. This trend is only just getting started; it has yet to reach its full potential. Internet of Things, also known as smart or connected devices, are everyday objects that are linked to the internet.

From a smartwatch to a smart TV, these objects can be accessed via the net. So far, only a handful of objects have been connected and automated but according to one council member, pretty soon, with this technology, one’s entire house can be controlled.

Cybersecurity. With such connected devices, however, there is also the danger of it getting hacked or controlled by someone else. This can be seen all too often in TV shows and movies wherein a smart house is cyberattacked by a stalker or other parties.

As such, this is another trend that must be focused on and properly understood. If businesses and consumers want to protect themselves, cyberprotection will have to be upgraded to include smart devices.

Voice Control. According to Matthew Russell, this is the primary interface for Internet of Things. Thus, alongside the latter, the former will also be developed.

Virtual Reality. This is popularly being used in entertainment activities such as sports and video games. According to a council member it is also being utilized in business communications, retail, and health.

Virtual Reality has the capability of entering more industries and changing the way people shop, play, and consume media. Corporations are already using this technology to earn more money and create more creative enterprises.

Driverless Cars. These cars are the current development in the automobile industry. With companies like Tesla and Honda working on electric cars with autonomous driving capabilities, they can impact not only road safety but also car ownership, and the consumption of fossil fuels.

At the moment, however, even with all the features, these vehicles still require drivers who are responsible for their cars. A human driver’s instinct and emotions are always beneficial.

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