Dec 29, 2016 08:30 AM EST

Superheroes Who Would Make Horrible Bosses

Everybody complains about their bosses once in a while, or maybe more often than most, for reasons being that their bosses may be too demanding, too time-consuming, too unreasonable, or just awful human beings. Well, if fictional superheroes were bosses, these four people would make horrible ones.

Iron Man. Tony Stark does not need much thought seeing as he is a boss. But he is also a walking sexual harassment lawsuit, which does not make for a very good one.

Not only does he flirt with his female employees, he sleeps with the willing ones too—boundaries do not exist for him. Of course, not everyone would complain about being the object of the handsome genius’ advances.

He is also unpredictable, sometimes unreasonable, and has a flair for the dramatic. He constantly makes his employees’ lives difficult, planning impromptu parties, stopping his company’s main product line, being an object of scandals—he is a nightmare for public relations.

Deadpool. Wade Wilson would also make for a horrible real-life boss. He is impulsive, makes split second decisions—acts first before thinking things over.

Employees under him are likely to be doing tasks (regardless of whether or not it is related to the job description) that he thinks up under the sun. Furthermore, he is very much dedicated to his girlfriend; his personal life would get in the way and would distract him from the job.

Superman. Clark Kent is too nice to a fault. One expects a boss to be firm and confident but Clark’s softness would only invite his employees to step over him and be disrespectful.

He would not fire lazy or slacking employees either. If you lacked in certain areas and need to improve, his suggestions or orders are likely to fall on deaf ears.

Phoenix/Dr. Jean Grey. If you work for Jean Grey, it would be difficult to keep things personal. She can read your mind, nothing would escape her notice.

You cannot complain in your head or think ill of her in the chance that she overhears it. Neither can you get away with stealing some small office supplies because she would know about that too.

Of course, she can refrain from prying into the minds of employees but if she wanted to run a tight ship, she would use her powers to the fullest.

Despite all of these points, however, another argument could be made that these heroes would make excellent albeit unconventional bosses. What do you think? Would you work for them?

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