Dec 29, 2016 08:17 AM EST

'The Avengers' And Their Possible Day Jobs

Superheroes are rarely seen doing normal things like holding normal jobs. So, I have compiled a list of day jobs that the Avengers would most likely have along with their respective salaries.

Iron Man. Tony Stark who already has a day job in the film and that is being the head of Research and Development for a tech company. The salary of a director of the R&D Department can range from $83,000 to $173,000 per year, excluding bonuses and profit sharing, according to Pay Scale.

Tony is also the owner of Stark Industries and holds a big amount of stocks. That would mean his salary is likely to be bigger than what was mentioned above.

Hulk. Similarly, Bruce Banner’s work in gamma radiation in the same company would see him earning $76,000 or higher annually.

Thor. Thor’s day job could be acting as a diplomat or an ambassador between his realm, Asgard, and the human realm he has vowed to protect, Earth. Ambassadors are vital in extending and maintaining good relations between countries, or in this case, realms.

Thor Odinson would be bridging the gap between alien and human life, as well as working tirelessly to prevent all out war. The total pay for an ambassador is between $20,000 to $58,000 including commissions, bonuses, overtime, and profit sharing (Asgardian currency is not known and as such, I have not attempted to convert the amount).

Black Widow. Natasha Romanova, when not babysitting Clint Barton’s children and Tony, is likely to be working at a local ballet studio, teaching young children arabesque, pirouettes, and other positions. Dance classes come with a special lesson on how to integrate ballet with self-defense.

A dance instructor reportedly earns an average of $35, 000 a year. This income, of course, does not include Widow’s undisclosed salary from being an assassin.

Hawkeye. Clint Barton, on the other hand, could be a freelance carpenter. His resume would include his work on his farmhouse and having built a farm for Tony (because the latter is a supportive friend, recommending Clint to other prospective clients).

A carpenter’s salary per year is $42, 985. But seeing as it is freelance, Clint would be free to set his own rate which can be higher or lower than the above-mentioned amount.

Vision. When having perfected human interaction, Vision could work as a professor teaching synthetic biology to college students. His day job could see him earning an average of $64, 000 annually.

Scarlet Witch. Wanda Maximoff, with the aid of Vision, could also be running a home-based Sokovian food business, most likely named after her beloved brother, Pietro. Wanda's income would depend on the cost of production as well as the percentage added to gain a profit.

Captain America and Falcon. Lastly, I see Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson working alongside one another, volunteering in nonprofit organizations for veterans. The former’s income would come from official Captain America merchandise, while the latter’s from his work with the Avengers.

These day jobs certainly make the Avengers appear more approachable, having normal jobs just like everyone else. Do you disagree with some of these jobs? Comment your thoughts below. 

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