Dec 30, 2016 10:25 AM EST

Which ‘Naruto’ Character Best Describes You As An Employee?

By Conan K.

"Naruto" had inspired many people by its character's personalities. With millions of fans, people are already aware that its characters possess qualities that exhibit support for fellow shinobi. Whether good or not, this can also be adapted to an employee's character displayed at work. 

Personalities of employees are crucial in assigning them to where they could fit in. It is also an important factor wherein one could know how much they are capable of. Since the anime's characteristics are the same as to employees' behavior at work, find out who portrays you or your co-workers best, both as an employee and a ninja:

The Strong Work Ethic Clutz: Naruto

Clutz employees like to shoulder tasks but fail in accomplishing it. But despite failing, the employees still manage to stand up and work their body off until they get the job done. These are employees with strong work ethics.

The Strong Yet Distracted: Sakura

Though she is strong, admiring Sasuke much when she was young made her easily affected by small things. This attitude pertains to employees with skills but are affected and easily distracted by small things.

The Egoistic Loner: Sasuke

He is known for being alone. He also brags always that he can accomplish missions even by himself. These are employees that are aware of their capability yet don't want to mingle and ask help from others.

The Silent Killer: Itachi

Itachi does good things for fellow shinobi despite them cursing him. These are workers who strive for success in silence even though they are hated by co-workers.

The Smart But Lazy: Shikamaru

Shikamaru is a person who is capable of thinking all the possible and effective strategy to apply in battle. Yet he doesn't want to do work that will use up his skills too much. These are employees who have "the brains" but not the burning desire to work.

The Team Oriented: Kakashi

As a Jonin leader, he keeps Team 7 close to each other because he prioritizes teamwork as the most efficient strategy in battle. It is also same with an employee who thinks teamwork is always the solution.

The Effective Communicator: Guy

Guy is a ninja with a positive attitude. His oozing passion for youth drives people to do more than what they are capable of, just like the way he encourages Lee, Tenten, and Neji. These are employees who motivate others to work hard.

The Shy Observant: Hinata

Hinata is perceived by ninjas as a shy person. Being shy and quiet makes a person more observant. Of course, her Byakugan is an exception for being observant. Shy employees tend to behave like Hinata and display keen observance at work.

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