Dec 30, 2016 11:36 AM EST

Kinds Of Business Partnership According To ‘Fairy Tail’ Mages

By Conan K.

Through ups and downs of a business, partners should always stick together. Business partners should settle every problem out and share the success mutually. This also goes the same with "Fairy Tail," the exemplary example wherein mages share their victories with their partners.

In every business partnership, differences in personalities are still involved. If partners would support each other to their extent, it would lead to a successful business. Meanwhile, for "Fairy Tail" mages, despite their differences, fighting side by side is what makes them succeed in battles.

Know both you and your partner's style of partnership based on the mages mentioned below:

The Main and The Branch

Natsu and Happy. They are more like the silent partners. Natsu does all the work because of his possessed fire-power. Happy is just beside Natsu all the time because he lacks the power. Happy as a branch, is willing to help and support Natsu whenever needed. Same as to partners, a former does the work while the latter stands for support.

The Active Partners

Gajeel and Lily. Given that they both have immense strength in combat battle, no obstacle could hold these two partners back. They always fight side by side with no enemy to stumble them down. They refer to partners who give mutual contribution in the business.

The Extrovert and The Introvert

Wendy and Carla. Carla might be a nagger sometimes and Wendy a girl of few words, yet they are still fit to be partners. Carla is the one who speaks for Wendy most of the time, while Wendy does the work. Partners who have a speaker behind a doer is what this duo pertains to.

The Leader and The Associate/s

Laxus and the Raijinshu. The Raijinshu serves as the nominal partners in their team and Laxus as the active partner. Raijinshu lacks magic compared to Laxus. Even so, they are still liable to whatever is Laxus' actions and still take credit even if they didn't contribute much.

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