Dec 30, 2016 11:42 AM EST

Be The Best Entrepreneur Through Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s Way

By Conan K.

Travis Kalanick, Uber's CEO, founded the company to ease transportation through utilizing the use of mobiles. The progress of Uber just didn’t sprout out in the community but instead was developed from Kalanick’s’ brain right to the core. From a little startup with financial problems to a grand international known company, Uber was created.

Kalanick’s vision for "Uber" is clearly vast and limitless. He stated on his Ted Talk last February 2016 that he wants to minimize congestion, pollution, and parking in the future. He also specified that it would be not through human-driven cars but through smartphones. 

Moreover, Kalanick’s smarts led him to be included in Trump’s advisory team, so there is no doubt that he has a great capability of being a successful leader even in the future. Well, here are some of the lessons from his experience that would help you thrive and harvest success as well:

Target The Problem

“We wanted to get a ride in Paris but couldn’t find a taxi,” as Kalanick had stated on Know Startup. He aspired to utilize an easy mode of transportation in the community after experiencing this situation in Paris. He thought that incorporating smartphones would be the most convenient way to solve this problem. It turned out that his solution worked.

More so, he is driven by the passion for prioritizing easy then down to hard problems. He afterward finishes them off with an effective solution. To be able to point out problems and solve them with no stress, but just to have fun is what he wants entrepreneurs to attain.

Visualize The Future

Solving problems tend to be fun for Kalanick. As he stated on Your Story, he was a naturally born “geek” because of his engineer father. But solving problems is not enough for Kalanick. He wants to foretell the problems to come after the solution he had just made. This desire meant that Kalanick wants to solve incoming problems ahead before it turns up at all. Entrepreneurs could use this lesson to make a big difference in their business.

Give Your All

As one of Kalanick’s famous phrase goes, “Have a champion’s mindset,” he meant for every entrepreneur to give their ALL and EVERYTHING they got in their chosen field. He also added on Your Story, that if in case an entrepreneur stumbles or fall, they should just keep standing up. Since business includes failure, he inspires entrepreneurs to beat the hard times with efforts to strive more. Simply put, give everything you got but never give up.

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