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Business Languages And Where To Learn Them

It is important that one is able to converse in at least one business language because it will heavily impact how business is done abroad and how it is conducted with foreign partners. Discussed below are six languages that are considered to be useful in business as well as where one can learn them with the use of online tools.

Arabic. Oil is a profitable industry, exclusive only to a handful of countries. The Language Learning Portal writes that it is the oil businesses, constructions, and real estates that have allowed for investments from the Arab world to flow into other countries.

It is an influential player in the international oil market. Thus, it is very helpful to be able to speak Arabic as many executives reportedly only speak that language.

Study Quran is one website that you can go to. Not only does it tackle grammar and vocabulary, but the Quran as well. 

Chinese. According to Ethnologue, Chinese as a macro language has 1, 302 million speakers making it the most widely spoken language in the world. Coupled with the fact that almost everything is made in China nowadays, along with China's population, it makes for a-must-learn business language.

Chinese Boost is one website that you can use to learn the grammar. For exercises and quizzes, you can go to Guihua Zhu or download the Rosetta Stone app.

English. English is the universal language with many countries adopting it as an official language (i.e. Singapore, Malta). It is also the language that many people choose to have a second language due to the fact that it is widely spoken not only in business but in entertainment and leisure as well. 

Visit Learn English to be able to perfect this tongue. 

German. German is the language if you want to conduct business in Europe. It is reportedly the most widely spoken language in Europe and has the largest economy in the Eurozone.

Furthermore, it is poised to become the new leader of the free world with Trump soon to lead the US. Not only is it beneficial economically but politically as well.

Speaking German is seen as an added skill when working in the EU. You can learn it by clicking on German Grammar.

Russian. Like Arabic, Russian is a one business language that is recommended that executives master seeing as it is a top oil producer. Russia's well-known engineering and IT industries, as well as the vast, untapped entrepreneurial opportunities, are also other reasons that should encourage you to learn the language seeing as you might be interested in investing in it.

Speaking the language can be a step into entering their business environment. If you are interested in mastering it, here is a website for you to check out. 

Spanish. Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world with 427 million speakers, says Ethnologue. According to Language Learning Portal, the Latino population is due to double by 2050 and its purchasing power is steadily increasing.

Not only would learning Spanish benefit you and your possible future Latino employee, but it can also be useful when dealing with customers.

Study Spanish is a great site to start. For quizzes and exercises, you can download Duolingo.

Languages are one way to start getting into business cultures. For more articles on the latter, click here

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