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Job Hunting: Does Your College Major Matters?

Preparing for one’s future is a tough one. Being able to attain a good education can help you in getting a job. However, does your college major matters when you are already out in the real world looking for a job? Will it be a factor in order for you to have a successful career?

Yes, it is true that those with a proper college degree get a bigger and brighter chance when it comes to employment. That is a reality when you are out in the competitive world of the workforce. CNN Money previously reported that the unemployment rates for college graduates decreased. Aside from that, it was also mentioned that millennials with a college degree are paid more.

It really helps a lot if your college degree alone can secure you a good job. Choosing such major is a smart move to take then. There are jobs such as engineering, nursing, architecture, computer science and the likes that will require certain skills and expertise, which you can attain with the right education and training. Taking majors related to it is the key.

On one hand, Huffington Post shared some good points on why college major does not matter with one’s career success. As mentioned earlier, earning a college degree stands as an important prerequisite in the competitive workforce. But then, your particular major is not of a big deal. There are individuals with successful careers, which are not related to their college major.

Another thing is that one’s experience stands out more than their college major. A resume will look more interesting in an employer’s eyes if they can see your remarkable internships, volunteer activities and active school organization participations. With those seen in your resume will show how dedicated and motivated worker you are thus, making it more powerful than just your major.

With how the economy is going right now, it is quite noticeable that most fresh graduates plan the industry they want to be part of before choosing the major that they will get. These students think first for potential jobs before they chose a major field of study. This is a brilliant move since most students want to earn a college degree that can help them pursue a successful career. Colleges also do their parts in helping students as they prepare for their futures.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire shared that another thing to consider when choosing a college is the potential salary that it can give you once you are out in the workforce.

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