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How To Handle Business Bashers In The Social Media

By Conan K.

Social media marketing has been a widespread business strategy nowadays. By just posting and giving details online, one man could already start a business. Yet, there are some people who put down other businesses for various reasons. They go by the term business bashers. Bashers hate because of fear, envy, and weakness that they aren't capable of what they are hating on. To put it simply, they are considered as insecure people.

Business bashers and trolls are natural in the social media. They mess with a post and say uncertain things so that people wouldn't be interested in the business. Some trolls just can't find something worthy of doing. On the other hand, there are some bashers just envious of your success. Find out how to handle these kinds of people with the effective ways below:

Play The Risk, Defend Or Escape

With the basher matter at hand, there is no denying that you would be put to this choice. The choice is whether you would attack or you would just escape and continue what you love. Putting up with the risk could also have a positive effect, which would be that your clients would be swayed that your business is worth fighting for. Meanwhile, if you prefer to escape, you minimize the risk of your business.

It's All About Perception

Everyone has a different perception on everything. Whether you would comment back with a positive or negative remarks, it would reflect the kind of person you are. If a person negates you, don't create a bigger fuss, but instead create a fan out of that person. You could also learn in the process and from the comment. Always defend your reputation in a way that you also enhance the credibility of your business.

Just Ignore

The last resort for some people is just to ignore. Their mindset is that of engaging with such people would just motivate them to get the stupid "endless comment back" game going. While some entrepreneurs report the basher's comment if they think they have violated some rules in the social media.

More so, having bashers have positive effects on businesses like garnering attention and being converted into loyal customers instead. Yet, this outcome would only be possible if you handle haters the right way. Remember that you cannot always please everybody.

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