Jan 13, 2017 04:58 AM EST

Apple App Store Challenger: Startup Seeks To End App Store’s Domination

Apple App Store is under threat. Blackstorm Labs Inc. of Mountain View, owned by venture capitalist Ernestine Wu, is looking for ways to help customers download apps without having to go into the Apple App Store.

In a bid to end Apple App Store's reign as the ultimate gatekeeper of apps, Blackstorm Labs is offering developers with technology that will help them distribute their apps without the need to get registered into the Apple App Store, San Francisco Chronicle reported. With the technology from Blackstorm Labs, developers will be able to just send a link to potential users and click that to download the apps they wanted.

If the initiative takes off, it could also affect Google Play store. Both Apple App Store and Google Play store give space to developers' application in exchange for a fee and/or part of the app sales. Blackstorm Labs wants to get parts of the cut that Apple App Store and Google Play store receive from effectively being the only ones where consumers can access the apps.

Other companies are also looking for ways to circumvent the app stores. Some believe that users do not have to download a whole different app just to be able to play games or use some services. Users are expected to find it easier if they can just click a link that would direct them to the game or service they need. The two app stores also recently experience some pressure to stop offering LinkedIn, Jobs & Hire reported.

While other startup companies look for alternatives to Apple App Store and Google Play store, developers currently have no other option except to utilize these two popular stores. With thousands of apps in the stores, it is difficult for developers to make their creation stand out.

Knowstartup reported that developers should devote some time in coming up with the idea for their icons and screenshots, which are the first things that users will judge when they go to the store. In addition, working on getting better reviews and cleaning up your app text will surely make a difference.

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