Jan 17, 2017 08:15 AM EST

Workers Need To Upskill Says CEO Of Jobs Company

The CEO of ManpowerGroup, one of the largest jobs companies in the world, revealed that workers need to “upskill.” This is so that they will be able to work alongside the technological revolution that is headed their way reports the Business Insider.

According to the news site, ManpowerGroup presented a study entitled “The Skills Revolution.” According to its findings, a Skills Revolution will arrive, heralding an age wherein the gaining of new skills are needed in order to survive and adapt to the fast changing environment.

Technology will, as has been predicted by many, cause the decline in employment in some industries but it will also create more and new jobs and positions for people. To meet the new demands in many industries, workers need to “upskill” if they want to avoid becoming obsolete.

The IT and Human Resources industries will be the sectors that will find itself developing in terms of labor force. However, most of the new jobs do not even exist yet, according to Manpower.

For the Chairman and CEO of Jonas Prising, this means that there will be a greater need for companies, employers, and employees themselves to invest in their desirability, capability, and employability. More choices and opportunities will be available to those with the appropriate skills and knowledge.

India is one country that was surveyed in the study that is likely to be hit by digitization; it will decrease its headcount of employees. On the other hand, Italy is the most optimistic about the prospect and will increase headcount.

According to Prising, globalization and technological advancement cannot be halted. One must instead learn how to ride that wave when it comes instead of swimming against it.

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