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Job Advice: Signs That You Should Quit & Change Jobs

Do you daydream of having a different job? Do you look forward to the weekend all the time? Maybe those are signs that you should quit your job and look for another.

Forbes contributor Liz Ryan wrote an article about the signs you should watch out for that tell you it is time to change your job. Here they are below.

Unsatisfying Stress

There's stress and there's stress. Some people find satisfaction in what they do even when their hair curls due to the late nights that they stay up. The thought that this stressful work is going to be worth something, the very fact that it is food for their soul—this is the kind of stress that's acceptable.

There are others on the other hand who feel like they are going to die from work and the simple thought of doing some more stressful stuff just sends their soul flying out of their bodies. If you feel this, Ryan says that it's time you quit your job because it is simply draining you of energy and is not giving you any sort of satisfaction.

No Future

Ask yourself: where do you see yourself and your job in a year, in two, in five, in ten. If the answer is something along the lines of "I see myself still where I am, working in the same job," then compose your resignation letter because that job is not a good one.

Ryan writes that if a job or superior does not give a worker any opportunity to grow or advance within the company, it is a job that you should leave behind. It is not worth your talents or your potential.

Work Image

A job that requires or makes you feel like you cannot be yourself, a job that makes you put on a "work image" or a "work mask" is a toxic one. Ryan says that you must have a job where you can be yourself.

Imagine putting on a mask every day and wearing it eight hours a day or more. Not only is that tiring mentally but also emotionally.

One should have emotional satisfaction from his or her work and if your job cannot give you that, you should relieve yourself of that job and that environment.

You Dread Work

You do not look forward to going to work on Mondays or on any day. You always count the days until the weekend arrives or look to the next non-working holiday.

A job that you do not like is simply a job that is not for you. Pull up some job postings and start searching for another one. 

Of course, quitting or resigning is no easy thing to do much less decide on. You have to consider many things when resigning or changing occupations such as whether you can afford to leave your job when you are in dire need of cash.

However, these signs are there to help you find clarity in terms of your job satisfaction and whether it is one that is worthy of your talents and time. For more job tips, follow Jobs & Hire.

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