Jan 31, 2017 06:27 AM EST

Traditional Job Security Is Disappearing

We usually understand job security as the assurance of having as well as keeping a job. However, Forbes contributor Liz Ryan wrote that the traditional job security is disappearing and a new definition is on the rise: job security is not associated with one employer or one job any longer, but rather with yourself.

According to the article that Ryan wrote, the fact that you may have had several jobs in the past is not something you should worry about or be anxious over. It is not a reflection of your capability to maintain a job but rather of your many skills due to the fact that you have held numerous jobs in the past.

Former Google career coach, Jenny Blake, wrote in her book "Pivot" that one's career success depends on gathering skills. The metaphor she uses is downloading applications for your smartphone.

Similar to what Ryan wrote about, your resume is your smartphone, and it displays the various apps that you have downloaded in the past. An app or a job may have shut down or a better one may have entered the market, which is why you changed jobs.

These skills that you have learned through the different jobs that you have had contribute to your job security with yourself. Your collective skill is your brand, says Ryan.

Furthermore, Blake stated that job movement is no longer hierarchical but lateral. This means that even if one job is not related to another, it has taught you different skills that will aid you to meet the many demands of the working environment.

You have to sell yourself, your skills, your brand with different firms. Some recruiters will not understand or appreciate the "story" that your resume tells or your "band," whereas some will.

Leave the former recruiters and go to the latter because job security is no longer with one firm or one job, but with yourself.

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