Feb 09, 2017 08:08 PM EST

New York Times Turns To Spotify To Expand Customer Base

New York Times Co. is trying to increase its digital news subscribers with an offer of free music streaming. The news publication is collaborating with Spotify Ltd. In an unusual partnership meant to boost the news publications' subscriber figures.

The partnership of the two media companies may be unique, but New York Times Chief Revenue Officer Meredith KopitLevien thinks it is the perfect way to expand the news publications' subscriber figure, Bloomberg News reported. New York Times has been around for about 165 years, while Spotify is one of the babies of the new media.

Users of Spotify tend to be on the younger age spectrum, so New York Times might be trying to tap into that. Under the partnership, people who buy one-year online subscriptions from New York Times will enjoy unlimited streaming of music and podcasts on Spotify.

The joint-subscription offer will cost people $120 annually, or $5 weekly. CNET reported that those who pay for the offer will get access to New York Times' website and table and mobile apps and Spotify Premium.

New York Times allows readers to access 10 of its articles for free monthly. After the reader used up all 10 free articles for the month, the publications' website can no longer be accessed except with a monthly or annual subscription.

Spotify also allows its users to listen to songs for free. However, it locks some of the features of its app unless the user decides to avail of its premium package.

The joint-subscription offer is designed to entice people into subscribing to New York Times and downloading Spotify, if they do not use the app yet. The two media companies will work together in promoting the offer, but they refuse to divulge how they will share the revenues.

Jobs & Hires previously reported that Spotify is looking for "President of Playlists," a career that seems to have been created solely for former President Barack Obama.

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