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3 Signs You Should Run Away From A Company Hiring You

Jobseekers have ideal companies in mind. Know when a company is the perfect fit for you.
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When looking for a job, job seekers seldom think if a company deserves us or not. The mindset of job seekers is usually set on thinking about how well he or she can fit in the company that has an open position. Job seekers will always think about how well the company pays and how good the benefits are that most of the time it will not cross their mind that maybe that company is just not right for them.

If you want to know how well a company treats their employees, take a careful look at their recruiters. The recruitment/human resource department is usually considered the face of a company. People working in that department should know how to deal with people politely and respectfully.

When in an interview, you know you should not accept an offer when the recruiter is rude, Forbes reported. Yes, you may be the one who approached the company for a job, but you are not begging them to give it to you. If the recruiter does not know how to be polite, it could be a sign that the company does not treat its employees well.

Run away when the recruiter or HR representative does not know what they are supposed to do with you. If they cannot answer simple questions about the job or the team you're supposed to join, you better find another company. Not knowing the ins and outs of their job could reflect that the HR department is all over the place when it comes to other official stuff, too.

Do not sign for a company whose recruiter makes you beg for information or update. A recruiter should follow through with his or her words to an applicant. He or she should know that an update is a must and is important to them.

To avoid any issues during the recruitment process, The Telegraph reported that businesses should know the kind of people they need to find to support their needs. A good vetting system will also offer significant help. Jobs & Hire previously reported that Facebook applicants go through several interviews before getting hired.

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