Feb 16, 2017 08:40 PM EST

Here’s How You’re Damaging Your Career

You work hard, you take the time to learn new skills, but for some reason, your career appears to have stalled. Though your hard work is appreciated by management, there may be some ways that you’re sabotaging yourself at work.

Some of the most common ways that you’re bungling your career may not be too obvious, especially when you believe that you’re doing everything right in the workplace. Here are all the ways that you’re damaging your career.

You don’t adapt to the company culture

Every office has its own culture, and if you don’t make an effort to adapt, your bosses and co-workers may think that you don’t care about forming good relationships in the workplace. So go ahead and participate in your office’s Pink Shirt Day, BBQ Fridays, and the like. Be a good sport and try to get along with others, and before you know it, you’ll find that your career will be on the upswing.

You don’t dress appropriately or you don’t care about your appearance

If you don’t dress appropriately for your job or if you don’t put any thought into your appearance, it sends a negative image to others as it makes you look as if you don’t care about your job.

You’re always late

You may be the star employee of your company, but if you’re perpetually tardy, then your boss will assume that you don’t value everyone else’s time and that you’re not serious about the job. Head to work on time, don’t go beyond your lunch break hour, and avoid taking too many breaks as all these can taint all the good things that you’ve done for the company.

You don’t like attention

Most people opt to fly under the radar or do the bare minimum when it comes to work to avoid getting noticed by management. If you don’t step up to gain positive attention, then it’s possible that no one will notice your potential.

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