Feb 22, 2017 05:29 AM EST

Job Advice: Success Is Defined By You And Not By The World

Millennials are chasing after society's definition of success, which is a big mistake when it comes to building and working towards a career they desire. Instead, it is advised that they rethink their goals and pursue their own definitions of success.

The latest of career advice comes from Eric Termuende. He is the author of "Rethink Work", co-founder of NoW Innovations, and the Lead Content Strategist for True Calling Canada. Eric says that we have to rethink our approach and how we see work, writes Forbes contributor Jules Schroeder in her article.

Make your own definition of success

We can rethink by first knowing what our own definition of success is. Eric says that people define it differently.

Society, states Eric, pushes for a definition of success that involves a lot of money, a prestigious job, and a lot of education. However, if you yourself do not agree with that then why work towards that goal? It would only lead you to being unhappy.

According to Schroeder's article, Eric advises that people should live the way they want to live and that will lead to a successful life and career.

Choose the job; do not let the job choose you.

Moreover, instead of fitting yourself to the job you are applying for, make sure that the job fits you. Apply for jobs that meet your criteria and requirements such as being able to work flexible hours and being granted benefits, writes Schroeder.

This ensures that there is a fit between yourself and the job. You can send your inquiries to prospective firms you are looking to join or interview some experienced individuals who know a thing or two about the work you are interested in doing.

Do not make the mistake of living society's dreams and reaching for society's goals. For more tips, follow Jobs & Hire.

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