Feb 28, 2017 10:38 AM EST

Rexnord Is Moving Jobs From Indianapolis To Mexico

Rexnord, a leading industrial company, is laying off around 300 people in Indianapolis and giving the jobs to Mexicans. President Donald Trump does not like it.

US President Donald Trump has promised to keep jobs in the country for the Americans. However, there are still companies that are moving out. Rexnord is one of them, which would leave some 300 workers unemployed.

John Feltner, a machinist at Rexnord Corp., shared the updates regarding the transfer of jobs to Mexico, via USA TODAY. One of the reasons that the company is shifting is because of much cheaper labor costs in the neighbor country-Mexican workers will be paid $3 an hour compared to $25 an hour that Feltner earns.

Rexnord has been profitable in the U.S., having exceeded expectations for its third quarter performance. There's not much jobs out there that pays $25 an hour, so Feltner said that despite the mandatory overtime, six-day workweeks, and other ugly things about the company, he was already looking to stay until retirement. And now, that is not going to happen anymore.

"Rexnord was very profitable here. When we make a great product here, and our product is sought after because it's made here. These people are highly skilled. To chase cheap labor, that's the bottom line. That's the bottom line - is what they're doing," Feltner told NPR in an interview.

In the past weeks, Rexnord workers have been boxing equipment and machines to ship to Mexico. They also have new shadows. Mexican workers are over their shoulders to try to learn how they are doing things and the tricks of the trade.

Meanwhile, despite being a Trump supporter, Feltner does not feel confident he can easily find a new job. "Right now, the new job and a future plan - you know what needs to make a good living wage - you know, the prospects aren't great. I drive an hour from my home to get here, and the prospect of making even close to this money is not feasible," he told NPR.

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