Mar 01, 2017 07:23 PM EST

Career Over Children: Here’s Why Sarah Silverman Made Her Choice

Sarah Silverman has always been vocal about her desire to build her own family. However, she decided not to bear children and pursue her career in comedy instead.

She is one of many women who have to choose one or the other. Several research reports have shown that having children usually put women at a disadvantageous spot when it comes to career growth. There are still companies that balk at hiring married women, thinking that they would have to attend to their children and would have to take time offs more often than men or single women.

Silverman expressed the same sentiment in a series of tweets explaining why she chose to focus on her career. She said that she had to make the decision to let go of her dreams of building her own family because she wanted to live her life to the fullest by doing what she likes.

The comedienne said her words are not meant to shame women who chose motherhood over their careers, according to a report by E! News. She lamented that the fact that women around the globe are faced with the dilemma.

Silverman acknowledged the difficulty of making a decision of choosing between career and children. She acknowledged that raising children is not an easy thing, especially for women who also want to worn on their chosen career paths.

While she longed to have her own family, she said she does not want to get married, Gossip Cop reported. She denied that she is pressuring her boyfriend, Michael Sheen, into marrying her, claiming that she rejects marriage.

 Silverman said she loves children, but she had to decide that her career would be more important than creating a family. While some expressed disagreement with her statement, the comedienne said she is merely talking about her own experience and not speaking generally.

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