Mar 02, 2017 03:35 AM EST

Is Trump Simply Playing The Role Of President?

A Vox article argues that Donald Trump does not want to be the President of the United States. Rather, he wants to play the President of United States in the movie that is called real life.

Matthew Yglesias' article states that one can never be certain of anything with Donald Trump. His speeches are vague and do not contain any concrete plan whatsoever.

Yglesias cites various examples such as Trump encouraging people to help Americans purchase their own respective coverage without saying how it should be paid or how much that help should be. Another example was Trump claiming that his team was developing a tax reform, but did not disclose when it will be available.

This is in contrast to what speeches should be. According to Yglesias, speeches should shed light on certain issues and contain meaningful statements about what the administration's priorities are, what the trade-offs will be.

It is a show Yglesias calls the Trump Show. Instead of trusting that the President read through briefs and has actually understood them, one will only be doubtful and take a stance along the lines of "I'll believe it till I see it."

To know what's happening, Yglesias urges readers to cancel out the noise Trump is making, look beyond his tweets and his speeches, and focus instead on the Customs and Border Patrol reports, the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents, the bomb threats directed at Jewish community centers, and the misconduct being committed by people in positions of power.

In short, Yglesias writes that Trump knows publicity stunts, how to work people regardless of whether it be the good kind or the bad kind of work. It does not matter whether or not his performance is worthy of an Oscar or a Razzie because while he dishes out his lines, important things are happening on the side that need our attention.

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