Mar 09, 2017 10:57 AM EST

These Are The Tricks That Companies Use To Sell To Women

Women are the best consumers in America today, and companies have become aware of a woman’s buying powers. Most of these companies have employed marketers who are well-versed in a woman’s spending habits and are using tactics to get them to spend more.

Marketers create a consumer experience in such a way that it triggers a woman’s need to spend money, which can be a problem when you’re trying to cut back on shopping. But knowing the tricks that they employ can make you aware of what’s going on before you reach for your wallet, and having this knowledge also helps you become a more informed consumer.

Here are the tricks that companies use to sell to women.

They make their products smaller

If you’ve noticed that some of your favorite foods, such as candy bars and soda, are getting smaller, it’s because companies are trying to get you to buy the mini versions without feeling guilty.

According to branding expert Martin Lindstrom (via The Balance), companies are making products in smaller packages so women won’t feel bad about indulging. This is also a way to trick you into thinking that drinking soda from a smaller can will lead to less consumption, when in truth those multi-packs of mini soda cans are making people drink more of the sugary beverage.

They claim that the product is “good for you”

Food products that proclaim in bold, big letters that they have 50 percent less fat or have fewer calories are definitely aimed at women in the grocery aisles.

They make it hard for you to look for the product.

Lindstrom said that women subconsciously want to hunt for a good deal as the hunt is about feeling rewarded. This is why stores purposely hide products and mess up their tables so it would be harder for you to find what you need.

They make their products look really good online

Marketers are using social media sites such as Instagram to showcase their products in all their glory. To sell cosmetics, a company can post a nice close up of a tube of lipstick, as well as a swatch photo to get women to buy.

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