Mar 13, 2017 06:54 AM EDT

Three Things You Need To Know About Self-Driving Cars

Having driver-less cars would mean a lot in terms of road safety as well as fossil fuel reliance. The CEO of NextEV, an electric-vehicle manufacturer, spoke about what people need to know regarding self-driving cars.

Autonomous driving is one of the technology trends to watch out for, as reported by Jobs & Hire. With Tesla and Honda working on perfecting driver-less cars, there is a need to address certain concerns about it.

The CNBC reported in a news article what Padmasree Warrior, NextEV CEO, had to say about the industry.

It's safer.

Many criticisms about self-driving cars include safety concerns. However, according to Warrior, these kinds of cars are safer to drive.

She says that humans are prone to get distracted, especially since we rely on our gadgets more and more. Autonomous driving could reduce car accidents caused by such distractions.

It is important to note, however, that even with all the capabilities of a driver-less car, a human driver's instinct and emotions are still beneficial, writes Jobs & Hire.

Autonomy is not simply a feature.

For Warrior, self-driving cars should not be built with the idea of autonomous driving as a mere feature. In contrast, it should be built with autonomous driving in mind as the car's main function.

"You have to reorient the car," Warrior says. She stated that thinking of the self-driving car as a computer will drive innovation.

Cheaper in the long-run

Owning a self-driving car will lead to a lot more savings. According to Warrior, due to the cars being more efficient than human drivers, breaks won't wear out unnecessarily.

This, in turn, leads to lasting longer in miles than the traditional cars, writes CNBC. The cars can also park outside of expensive parking lots since drivers won't be needed.

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