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Job Interview Canceled After Woman Inquired About Salary Too Early In The Hiring Process

A woman's job interview was canceled after her inquiries on salary and benefits were deemed to have been asked too soon in the hiring process. This prompts questions as to when such inquiries should be asked.

One can argue that questions on salary and benefits are the most common ones during the job interview. Everyone is interested to know if the pay they're receiving is going to be worth the time and skills they give to the company.

Taylor Byrnes is one such person. She was about to go on her second interview with Skip The Dishes when they canceled it because she asked about salary and benefits, writes LifeHacker

She then took to Twitter to share the incident. Check it out below.

In the pictured email, Skip The Dishes stated that her questions were not in sync with the priorities of the company. Another email said that her questions were asked too soon in the hiring process.

Taylor's questions apparently revealed that she was not a perfect fit with the organization's culture.

This prompts the question if not during the first interview or the second interview, when do you ask about salary and benefits? In the article by LifeHacker, the results of a survey on the matter are discussed.

According to the 2014 survey, 38 percent of hiring managers expect questions on salary to be settled during the second interview while 31 percent prefer it on the first meeting, writes LifeHacker. About 9 percent say it should be asked in a phone interview, while 14 percent say once the offer is made.

Another poll item was in regards to whether questions about salary ever affected a hiring decision. LifeHacker writes that 92 percent said no.

Read the full article by LifeHacker here. For more job-related news, tips, and updates, follow Jobs & Hire.

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