Mar 16, 2017 07:40 AM EDT

Edward Snowden Tells Donald Trump To "Show Evidence"

Edward Snowden says that Donald Trump, as well as, anyone who wants the public to take the alleged case of wire tapping on Trump Tower seriously has to submit evidence.

In an exclusive interview with The Intercept via his Moscow video feed, Edward Snowden had a few things to say about Donald Trump and what he thinks the President should do regarding surveillance.

Snowden talks about how Trump should show evidence to back his claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. The fact that no evidence has been submitted only shows that Trump is making "political hay" out of the bigger issue which is mass surveillance, says Snowden.

He tells The Intercept that everybody is made vulnerable because of mass surveillance, that information on America's communications are being gathered without a warrant and protected only by lax internal policy regulations. This is not enough, said Snowden, and Trump as President must address this by asking the questions why the issue is possible in the first place, and why it isn't being addressed.

Listen to the full podcast here

In other news, the whistleblower has been working with a team in order to protect reporters from surveillance. He has been developing software that reporters can use to protect not just themselves but their sources as well, making it safer to conduct investigative journalism.

Among the many things he is working on is making the video-chat platform that he personally uses more user-friendly, as well as a system for uploading leaked materials called SecureDrop. Read more about it here.

Donald Trump tweeted last March 4, Saturday, that Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower just before Trump won the elections. Trump called it "terrible" and "McCarthyism", and also that nothing was found. 

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