Aug 27, 2019 10:50 PM EDT

How to Manage Your Screen Printing Shop Responsibly

If you don't deliver on time, your customers are upset. Perhaps your customers need shirts for a race, a big event, a concert or a holiday. A common complaint about screen printers is that they get overwhelmed and drop the ball on projects that are really important to the customer. You must make sure that all of the jobs are moving forward at the same time. Managing your calendar helps eliminate issues with missed due dates.

If you need help with keeping track of jobs, automating customer approvals, creating online stores, or help with scheduling, a print shop management software will help you grow your shop and reduce headaches.

Below are 5 ways to manage your screen printing shop responsibly:

1. Treat customers with respect.

If you're knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, polite and flexible, you're likely to get repeated business. Do everything you can to meet your customers' needs within reason. You may not have what every customer is looking for, but guiding them in the right direction gives you a lasting impression as a helpful, accommodating business.

2. Be different. Think outside the box.

Is there something that sets you apart from other screen printing shops? Do you specialize in a specific style that your customers can't get enough of? In today's competitive world, make every effort to set your screen printing business apart from others in a positive way. A unique approach may not attract all of the customers you want, but it may appeal to another customer.

At the same time, it's good to be well-rounded, so don't focus so heavily on one specialty that your other skills dwindle. 

3. Use social media.

In the screen printing industry, Facebook still hosts your largest single audience. Based on the visual aspect of the field, you're likely to also find your audience on Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. Use social media wisely by planning posts ahead of time and asking for engagement on posts. Social media gets far more exciting the longer you're active on it.

4. Referral program. 

Your customers are free advertisement. Create a referral program that rewards them for bringing you new customers. Don't forget to promote your referral program; your customers can't take advantage of it if they don't know about it. 

5. Be genuine. 

When it comes to growing your customer base, there's just no substitute for delivering real, genuine value. There's no better way to get customers to try your business, stick around, talk about, and refer you than by having an amazing product.

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