Sep 14, 2019 10:24 PM EDT

Sky's The Limit: 5 Fascinating Careers In Architecture To Pursue In 2019

You're creative, and you love the prospect of designing buildings. But which of the many careers in architecture is right for you? Find out here.

If you've survived college and graduated with a degree in architecture, congratulations! Now that you've graduated, do you know what you'll do with your degree? Luckily, there are many different careers to choose from. Your options range from being an engineer to being a code enforcement officer. 

No matter what you want to do, a degree in architecture is so versatile that it's likely you'll be able to find something that suits you. Here are 5 of the top careers in architecture to consider. 

1. Construction Manager

A construction manager manages and oversees the construction of buildings and other structures. They set schedules, manage employees, and make sure everyone is following proper safety protocols. 

Construction managers may consider different types of framework to manage their projects and employees. A dual degree in construction management and architecture is a good combination for this role.

2. Landscape Architect

If you love the outdoors, recreation, and public spaces, you can bring those loves together in your career. Landscape architects design recreational and functional spaces, deal with water management, and work to conserve wetlands and other spaces in nature. 

Landscape architects are also on the front lines of minimizing the impacts of climate change and conserving our natural environment. 

3. Urban Planner 

If urban areas are your jam, use your architecture degree to become an urban planner. Urban planners plan urban spaces, public transportation, and mixed-use areas.

As moving to urban areas becomes more and more popular, there is a growing need for urban planners to create functional areas that mix retail, public gathering spaces, and recreational areas. 

4. Lighting Architect

Using your architecture degree to become a lighting architect gives you the opportunity to combine a love of design (both interior and exterior) and functionality. Lighting architects plan natural and electric light, work to create sustainable lighting, and can also consult on lighting schemes that are good for our health. 

Did you know that things like LED lighting actually have health benefits? Office spaces that incorporate LED lights have more productive and healthy employees than those using old fluorescent overhead lighting.

5. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are responsible for designing, managing, and planning construction projects that range from residential homes to large commercial structures. 

If you'd like a job that splits your time between an office and working in the field, civil engineering may be for you. Not to mention, the pay is high for only needing a bachelor's degree and the job outlook is solid.

Which of These Careers in Architecture Interests You?

The list of potential careers in architecture isn't limited to these 5 choices. An architecture degree comes with lots of flexibility and career options to suit your interests. If design, math, and critical thinking come naturally to you, an architecture degree is a strong option. 

For more information on finding a job, transitioning from school to a job, or even switching careers, explore some of the other areas of our blog. 

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