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Top 5 Skills That Every Hadoop Developer Should Have!

You think of your career as soon as you start thinking of your future. This is the time of thinking for you for the first time. Everyone wants to earn fame as well as money. Like all success always takes time to come and you have to continue with your hard work until then.

There are many career options, and one of the most trending options is that of becoming a Hadoop developer. If you're thinking to pursue your career in this direction, you have landed in the right place. We'll tell you the full details of what type of skills a person should have in order to become a Hadoop Developer.

Let us begin this journey by understanding who exactly Hadoop developer is, and what kind of skills you need to be the Best Hadoop developer in recent times. Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals. Go for the Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course to See Your Career Grow!

Who is a Hadoop Developer?

A Hadoop Developer is similar to the job of a software developer who is responsible for the actual programming or coding of applications of Hadoop. Hadoop developer has to carry many responsibilities on his shoulders. This job is a big part of the data domain that is big.

You'll be high in demand being a Hadoop professional. To explain this profession further, Hadoop is a career option that is meant for mainly Big Data and is a parallel distributed processing framework.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Hadoop Developer!

There are numerous tasks and responsibilities on the shoulders of the Hadoop developer. Apart from development, a developer has to suggest the best standards. Other responsibilities include querying at high speed; maintain security as well as privacy. To track the data process, they have to make functional services of the web. They have to develop the Hadoop application to make them user-friendly continuously. They have to Support, Configure, build as well as design Hadoop.

Top 5 Skills that a Hadoop Developer should have!

You may be eager to know what kind of skills are required to become a professional Hadoop Developer. Below is a list that you should consider:

1. You should be aware of the Programming Language

In order to become a professional developer of Hadoop, you should have full knowledge of the programming language. This will be of great help to solve the issues in Hadoop in the future.

2. Java will serve as the "Icing on the Cake."

You can use any language to code, but I would like to suggest going to Java in this case. The primary factor behind this is that Hadoop is entirely written in Java, so if you know it it'll be of great help to you. Another most significant advantage of identifying and using Java in your coding process is that Java comes handy if you're planning to get into the details of a particular module function.

3. Command over Theories, and Principles of Database Structure is a Must

You should be confident enough to manage all the data, its theories as well as principles professionally. Effective handling can be done by storing the data and analyzing the same afterward. So if you are good at database composition, it will be a great help to you.

4. LINUX is a Must-Inclusion

In order to analyze the data, there is a usage of SQL language in Hadoop. But initially, it was built on LINUX. So the most favorable method for handling as well as installing Hadoop is LINUX. If you have learned LINUX or have expertise in it, then you'll find it helpful in dealing with some parameters.

5. Ability to work with the Distributive System

Hadoop is all about storing the data, no matter how big it is, across the server's group. As a developer of Hadoop, you should be able to work with the applications that are distributed in the distribution system.

If you possess the above skills, being a Hadoop developer will be a perfect choice for you. These skills will not only make you ahead of other developers but will help you in solving the problems that will come in your way in the future. These skills are the basics for becoming a professional developer. There is going to be a high demand for a tool that can handle big data. There will be a boom of career choices, and you can reach heights in no time being a Hadoop developer.

How to Develop Hadoop Developer's Skills?

In order to develop Hadoop developer skills, you should take care of below points other than having the basic knowledge of Hadoop:

  • Develop interest in the Visualization of things that will help you to analyze a large amount of data.

  • Develop skills in Data Science techniques.

  • Have a reasonable knowledge about distributed systems where you will get a chance to use your Hadoop developer skills.

  • Learn new programming techniques that will enhance your skills to dig deeper into the issues and find a viable solution.

  • Develop the habit of taking the ownership of data and try to become a data-driven problem solver.

  • Become familiar with tools like Pig and Hive which is used for pre-processing of data.

  • Learn how to translate complex requirements into detailed design.

  • Complete any one among these Big Data Certifications

One of the most rewarding and attractive career options in today's date is undoubtedly a Hadoop developer. Don't wait for a better time to start up this career, as there is no time defined to kick starts it. Hadoop is a software that runs on a cluster of machines. It provides storage and processing of a large amount of data. If you possess the above skills, you should step into this fantastic career option.

You will reach the heights that you have intended with hard work and the assisted skills that are listed above. It is entirely expected that there will be a high demand for the tools that manage big data and will ultimately become mainstream, as everyone is working with big data. We hope that with this career option, you'll reach heights and conquer the world! Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.

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