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The Best Reasons to Become a Teacher

The Best Reasons to Become a Teacher

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Teaching is a career that is both rewarding and stable. After all, the world will always need teachers. While there are certainly some challenges that go along with being a teacher, there are also a list of perks that you'll enjoy. Becoming a teacher requires a college degree and a license to teach according to regional requirements. Beyond that, you can get an advanced degree and teach at the college level or study a specialty, such as physical education or music, and teach only those subjects to a variety of age groups. Wondering what makes being a teacher so great? You're about to find out. 

It's an Essential Position

One of the great things about being a teacher is that you'll never have to worry about having a job. It's not an industry that is going anywhere and the need for it remains the same over the years. With this kind of job certainty, you can focus on your career for a long time without concern that you'll need to go back to school to gain brand new skills and change tracks down the road. There's always a demand for good quality teachers, no matter where you live, which gives you lots of options for finding the right place to put your skills to use. 

There are Lots of Teaching Options

You don't have to teach in the primary grades, as there are plenty of other places where teaching is needed. Although, this is a great option if you enjoy children in the younger grades and want to teach all the subjects instead of just a few. If you prefer younger children, there's always a need for ELC teachers who work with kids ages 2 - 5 and prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Or, you might like older kids, ages 12 - 18 and would enjoy teaching a certain subject or two in a secondary school setting. There's also a demand for teacher's aides and those who teach adults at the college level. 

Your Job Makes a Difference

As a teacher, you prepare your students for their next step, but you also get to nurture their social, emotional and physical development. Often, you'll have a student who only gets to thrive in a safe and positive environment when they are in your classroom. Your position as a role model to your students puts you in the position of being able to make a real difference in the lives of many children. Teachers have a big impact on the lives of their class and many people report that a certain teacher changed the course of their life. Most have a favorite teacher they remember forever.

Each Day is a Little Different

While you'll definitely have a routine in your classroom, you will also get the excitement of each day being a little different, especially if you work with very young children. With kids, you never know what to expect and each day brings new challenges, but also gives you the chance to be creative and come up with new ways to reach the students in your care. You get to find ways of teaching a wide variety of learners and that's great for a creative mind that likes to think outside the box. You can use your skills to create lesson plans and activities that engage minds of all ages.

There's the Potential to Travel 

You aren't restricted to teaching in a certain location, such as your hometown or the place where you went to college. There's always a demand for teachers who can teach English as a second language around the world. You might also consider teaching in an international school where you can teach students who already speak English. Another option is teaching prospective educators in other countries who want to become teachers themselves someday. If you want to see the world, teaching is a career that allows for the option of moving from place to place and making an impact wherever you go. 

Teaching is a profession that's always in demand and one that is rewarding and that provides many options for putting your skills and talents to use. Today is the day to explore how you can change the world, one student at a time.

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