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How To Get Applied Behavior Analysis Certification?

How To Get Applied Behavior Analysis Certification?

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If you're considering a career as a behavior analyst, you'll need to get certified in applied behavior analysis. 

Fortunately, obtaining this certification is simple. With the below information, you can streamline this process and, in turn, get certified in no time.

What Is An Applied Behavior Analysis Certification?

An ABA certification is a document that proves an individual's competence in and understanding of applied behavior analysis. With this certification, you can both boost your credibility and gain unmatched insight into this therapeutic approach. 

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board grants this certification and is responsible for developing education requirements and other qualifications.

How Long Does It Take To Get My ABA Certification?

To receive an ABA certification, you'll need to complete coursework, fieldwork, and prerequisites. If you hold a master's degree, you can expect to put in 270 hours of coursework. Behavioral assessments, ethics, intervention strategies, and experimental analysis of behavioral interventions are some classes you'll have to take. 

Meanwhile, if you hold a doctoral degree, you can submit the doctoral courses you've taken. If you don't have teaching experience, you'll need to prove that you have 10 years of experience in behavioral analysis.

Fieldwork is equally extensive. For those who hold a master's degree, you'll have to earn 1,500 hours of fieldwork experience. If you have a doctoral degree, you don't need to complete supervised fieldwork. 

However, to sit for the exam, you'll have to show that you have a decade of experience in this line of work. Regarding prerequisites, an individual must obtain a master's degree. If you're a doctor of philosophy or a doctor of psychology, you can also get an ABA certification.

Once you've completed all the necessary coursework and fieldwork, you can take the exam. In essence, the time it takes to get an ABA certification depends on your education level and dedication. 

The faster you meet the coursework and fieldwork requirements, the better your chances are of receiving your certification in a timely manner. How well you do on the exam will also determine how quickly you get your ABA certification.

Types Of ABA Certifications

There are four types of ABA certifications, and they're listed below.

Steps To Get ABA Certification

As previously mentioned, you'll need to hold a graduate degree in a relevant field, complete coursework, gain experience, and pass the ABA exam to earn your certification. 

For your coursework, you'll need to go through an institution that the Association of Behavior Analysis International partners with. From there, you'll want to look into supervised work experience. Finally, you can apply online to take your exam.

With patience, persistence, and ambition, you'll discover how easy it is to earn your ABA certification. By availing yourself of the above information, you'll breathe peace of mind and clarity into the process.

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