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Do This Immediately After Getting Laid Off

Do This Immediately After Getting Laid Off

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for employees and employers alike. Many businesses have struggled to keep their doors open, resulting in job scarcity. In such an environment, having full-time or even part-time employment can feel like a blessing. That's why losing your job nowadays can feel incredibly disheartening.  

You must take appropriate remedial steps if you've been fired recently. The following tips can improve your chances of bouncing back quickly. 

1. Consult with Professionals

Surprisingly, many people in the job market, including employees and employers, are uninformed about their rights and obligations. If you've been let go, you must seek consultation with an employment lawyer who is experienced and well-versed in employment law. Here are some points for you to consider before you accept compensation or wait too long:

  • You may be owed significantly more than you realize. Don't go by the employment standards act, as it only sets the minimum standards.

  • Many employers try to implement conditions that are not legally enforceable. It may not matter what your contract does or doesn't say.

  • There may be grounds for constructive dismissal in your situation. Only the right professional help can guide you during this process. 

2. Get a Recommendation Letter

It's essential to get a good recommendation letter from your last employer if you parted amicably. Such a document will make it easier for you to impress a future employer. Aside from qualifications and experience, prospective employers want to know if you'll be a good and productive fit in the company. A testimonial from a fellow employer is practical evidence of your skillset. 

3. Polish Your Resume

Now that you're on the job market again, it's time to finetune your resume. Your first step is to add your previous job experience to your document if you haven't done so already. You may want to consult with a professional job coach or recruiter for help. Let's look at some signs of a good resume:

  • Detailed 

  • Concise

  • Organized

  • Flows smoothly

  • Customized for the job market

  • Lists achievements, education, and skills

  • Carries links to your website or portfolio

After your document is ready, consider dropping it off in person at places you'd like to work. While visiting, you can get a feel for the employer and may just impress the right people while there, if you're lucky.

4. Hit the Keywords

Although some employers still prefer to hire the old-fashioned way, many companies look for potential employees through the Internet. Look at the latest job ads in your field on top job market websites and study the keywords. Integrate these keywords into your resume organically to improve your chances of matching with the right company. 

5. Enhance Your Skillset 

Now is the time to enhance your skillset. Examine the jobs you want and check out their requirements. Are there qualifications they desire that you're lacking? Some short training programs with certifications could beef up your resume and give you a leg-up. 

Getting laid off in today's economy can be stressful. With so much competition, you need to take the best steps to recover quickly and effectively.

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