Nov 01, 2013 08:46 AM EDT

Strippers Support Obamacare

Politicians are no strangers to sex scandals. Hookers and escorts always a condom's throw throw the White House. So it should come as no surprise sex workers have been keeping their breasts abreast with news and would be big supporters of Obamacare. After all they deal in a mainly cash only business with no insurance.   

Coast  to coast sex workers are rising to embrace Obamacare, despite it's glitch ridden website. At the Healthy Ho's Party in San Francisco , where  a burlesque performance was held  to bring awareness to the sex workers community,  almost all of the forty attendees, signed up for Obamacare.

The event was thrown by a lady of the night who uses the stage name  Siouxise and  she had ladies from her weekly Podcast, The WhoreCast,  on hand to offer information those in attendance , particularly one key piece for this demographic which is the enrollment process doesn't require users to report their employment.  Which brings up an interesting point that other people who derive their income outside of legal bounds like say drug dealers, could obtain insurance as well. Giving criminals less incentive to find legal work and rehabilitate themselves. Though many of these types are more likely to stay off the government's radar altogether.

Sex-workers who operate on this cash only basis, still tend to find themselves, falling short of the middle class, the  daily influx of cash, leading many to reckless spending and it's no secret drugs are often an element that comes with the lifestyle. Many sub categories of sex workers are included under this umbrella, aside from escorts and strippers, cam performers, massage parlor attendants as well as professional BDSM workers.  

Another plus for sex workers in regards to the Affordable Healthcare act is that it will cover things such as, contraception, STD screenings  and violence counseling .  The guideline will make it harder for Insurance companies  to discriminate on the basis of on gender identity and HIV status. The only draw back that has come up in online chatter about this is the fact,    taxpayers might happy  their tax dollars subsidizing health care for healthier hookers.But healthier hookers will also mean less chances for disease to creep behind the white picket fences of suburbia, when lonesome Republicans  take a trip to the red light district. Though conservative Christians are likely to quote " the wages of sin are death" in that regard , though they are not a demographic proven immune to the call of the urban siren.   

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