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Watch American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 5 Online [FREE LIVE STREAM] Is Madison Back From the Dead? [LIVE STREAM VIDEO]

American Horror Story season 3 episode 5 will pick up from where last week's episode left off to ensure a smooth transition in the impending trouble at the Academy. Of course, the big questioning in every AHS fan's mind is whether or not Madison will be resurrected from the dead. Although we don't have any clear proof on this one yet, spoilers revealed that a witch is going to make a "return appearance." Thus, our best guess for this one is obviously Madison, who has - since episode 1 - been a fan-favorite given her character and her awesome powers that seem just fit for her attitude. Watch American Horror Story season 3 episode 5 online through the free live stream link provided at the bottom.

Last week's "Coven" episode titled "Fearful Pranks Ensue" showed to us that Fiona (Jessica Lange) may have killed the wrong witch, Madison (Emma Roberts), which leads us all to question who the real next-in-line supreme witch is. This week, we might see some hints on who this witch, Fiona has been dying to get rid of is. But before we do, we will be taken back to that moment when Marie Laveau's (Angela Bassett) zombies are about to attack the Academy while Fiona and Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) still at the hospital. The only ones left to battle it out against the walking dead are the young witches, Spalding, and LaLaurie, and even Luke. Based on the episode spoilers however, each of these characters will have to face some troubles on their own. Luke will be stuck outside the academy where the zombies are heading while LauLaurie will be shocked after discovering that even her dead daughters are amongst the zombie horde attacking the academy. This will then trigger some flashbacks on the relationship LaulAurie used to share with her daughters. Watch American Horror Story season 3 episode 5 "Burn Witch Burn" online. Click on the link below to enjoy free live streaming.

According to the episode synopsis, there will be unexpected twists during the attack such as LaLaurie and Queenie's "unexpected" duo and Zoe's unleashing of the most powerful magic that will ultimately turn "the tide of the advancing zombie horde." Does this mean Zoe is the next Supreme? Or are we just too quick to judge? Anyway, whether she is the next Supreme or not, Fiona will not have time to kill her off this week since she is pre-occupied with helping her daughter Cordelia at the hospital. And she will most likely "break down with guilt over all the love she never gave her daughter - a guilt she manifests in unnerving ways." Additionally, spoilers also revealed that Cordelia will have an unexpected guest. Hank, Cordelia's husband, will pay a visit to the hospital, only to face the wrath of a furious Fiona. "Things may never be the same between him and Cordelia, who has been changed in more ways than one," the synopsis revealed. Don't miss the all-new episode of "Coven" tonight. Watch it online using the American Horror Story season 3 episode 5 free live stream link at the bottom.

Meanwhile, Myrtle (Frances Conroy) will return to the academy in an attempt to take away Fiona's "Supreme Witch" status although she still has no proof that the Supreme was the one behind the chopping off of Spalding's tongue or the killing of Anne Lee and Madison. However, this will infuriate Fiona and the two will go on a "battle of secrets." In the wake of this fight, another Coven member is said to "find herself with a disturbing new secret of her own." Who could it be? Find out tonight at 10/9c on FX, or simply watch American Horror Story season 3 episode 5 online through the live stream free link below.

On other news, it seems that AHS fans can rejoice as early as now since the hit horror series has already confirmed that it will be picking up a fourth season. What's more is that Jessica Lange would still star the upcoming season, which as of late has no definite theme yet. Nevertheless, Jessica Lange has already revealed that she might be leaving the show after its fourth season and co-creator Ryan Murphy is willing to find new characters for the core group of actors for the show following Lange's possible departure. Although this is quite sad for the show which had Lange as its star ever since day one, it is still quite flattering to know that American Horror Story is raking an increasing number of views. Hence, it seems that more nominations are to come to this hit show, which has already amassed a total of 34 Emmy Award nominations thus far.

"Burn Witch Burn" airs this Wednesday, November 6, at 10/9c on FX. Watch it online though this American Horror Story season 3 episode 5 free live stream link here.

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