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Watch Reign Season 1 Episode 4 Online [FREE LIVE STREAM] A Mary-Catherine Face-Off! [LIVE STREAM VIDEO]


Reign season 1 episode 4 free live stream link will provide show fans instant access to the all-new episode of the new CW series, and before you even go crazy and hit the link provided below, there are a lot of things you should know about the latest episode that is set to air tonight at 9/8c on The CW. And above all these things to expect is the Queens face-off. That's right! Queen Mary and Queen Catherine are having a b*&ch talk with snarky and yet dramatic lines just the way we want it to be. Watch Reign season 1 episode 4 online to find out how this unfolds.

Ever since Nostradamus revealed the terrible prophecy involving Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane), it seems that Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) has developed this strong disapproval to the former. And in tonight's show we will get to see them handle each other's loathing in an intense hallway run-in that will turn into a verbal exchange. In a sneak peek to the upcoming Reign episode "Hearts and Minds," we can see Mary having a close encounter with Catherine while she is on her way to ask the King if she could marry Tomas (Manolo Cardona). But upon seeing Catherine in the hallway, the two engages into a tête-à-tête which will give some answer to Mary's curiosity on why Catherine has this obvious loathing for her. "Why do you hate me so?" Mary could be heard asking the other queen. But instead of telling her the real reason that has something to do with the predicted death of her son, Catherine simply gives a striking yet decent enough answer: "When I look at you I see death. I see your country hanging around my son's neck. I see his men off defending your country, dying." Don't miss tonight's show which airs at 9/8c on The CW. Watch Reign season 1 episode 4 online using the live stream free link below.

Although Mary fans would find Catherine very annoying, Megan Follows defended her character recently in an E! Online interview saying, "We're talking about a very precarious position because as a woman my survival is really predicated on whether my husband being king or my son," then she adds, "And even my husband has made It very known that he has someone else. It's a really dangerous position. It's about surviving." Catch the all-new episode of Reign tonight at 9/8c, or watch it online using the Reign season 1 episode 4 free live stream link provided at the end of this article.

Meanwhile, just recently, executive producers Laurie McCarthy and Brad Silberling revealed some spoilers on the upcoming episodes of the show. Laurie told AccessHollywood that we will finally get to know more about the mysterious girl's presence in the castle wall and its significance to the storyline. "It's a peeling back of that particular mythology of the castle. It's a lore that the servants believe and there's so many prisms to look at," Laurie said, adding, "through one is the encounters that she has with Mary - you learn some of the lore that the people in the castle believe about her and we'll see her intermittently throughout the series and we'll obviously get closer and closer to the truth of her existence." Laurie then revealed, "She's a fierce protector and maybe not the most grounded friend, so she's got a very kind of rich backstory that's tied to the castle, tied to Nostradamus and we'll find it out over the course of the first 13 [episodes]." As for Bash and Mary chemistry, Brad simply said, "Stand by" to which Laurie added, "It's a slower burn, but it's burning and it's always there and Bash." Watch Reign season 1 episode 4 online if you can't view it tonight on its primetime television airing. Use the free live stream link below to view "Hearts and Minds."

The official episode synopsis for "Hearts and Minds" reads: "Mary has to decide if she is willing to lie and sentence a man to death in order to have King Henry let her out of her engagement to Prince Francis."

"Hearts and Minds" is set to air this Thursday, November 7, at 9/8c on The CW. Watch Reign season 1 episode 4 online using this free live stream link here.

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