Mar 05, 2014 04:33 PM EST

Snake Eats Alligator [PHOTOS] Australian Resident Captures 10-Foot Snake Eating Alligator On Camera


Snakes eating alligators and crocodiles in Australia are by no means a new thing but it's rare for residents to actually capture the phenomenon on tape.

However, local author Tiffany Corlis saw the fight between two of nature's most dangerous creatures and captured the snake eating the crocodile on camera courageously.

The pictures depict a lengthy battle between the snake and the crocodile where they struggled to dominate each other but in the end, the snake eats the crocodile after wrestling and constricting it.

The incident of the snake eating the crocodile occured at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa in northern Queensland on Sunday.

A 10-foot snake which was believed to be a python, wrapped its body around the medium-sized crocodile and the two animals wrestled in the water. When the snake successfully won over the crocodile, the snake brought it to the land and started to devour it.

Check out the amazing photos below:

"It was amazing," Corlis said in an interview with BBC. "We saw the snake fighting with the crocodile - it would roll the crocodile around to get a better grip, and coil its body around the crocodile's legs to hold it tight."

"The fight began in the water - the crocodile was trying to hold its head out of the water at one time, and the snake was constricting it."

"After the crocodile had died, the snake uncoiled itself, came around to the front, and started to eat the crocodile, face-first," Corlis explained.

Corlis added that it may have taken the snake around 15 minutes to finish devouring the medium-sized crocodile.

The 10-foot snake had been "definitely very full," when it finished, Corlis added. "I don't know where it went after that - we all left, thinking we didn't want to stick around!"

So how would you react if you saw a 10-foot snake eating a crocodile?

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