Apr 05, 2014 05:02 AM EDT

Xbox Account Hacked By 5 Year Old Boy: Microsoft Gaming Console Security Highly Vulnerable

Xbox account owned by Robert Davies was hacked by his own 5 year old son, Kristoffer Von Hassel. The young kid from San Diego over gaming enthusiasts about the Microsoft gaming console high security vulnerability.

Robert Davies noticed that his 5 yearl old son was logging into his Xbox account and has been playing games not suitable for his age. The incident happened just right after Christmas. Davied was fairly impressed on with what his son was capable of doing, being amazed that a 5 year old kid can actually find a flaw in the system.

How the boy did it was reasonably simple, and undoubtedly a large flaw on the Microsoft gaming console security. The young boy just typed in a wrong password on the Xbox account, and afterward he would be prompted to the password verification screen. Kristoffer would only tap space bar repeatedly and then he pressed enter to access the account.

Microsoft company, the tech giant who created and distributes the famous Xbox gaming console replied immediately regarding the security issue. The company promised to fix the password vulnerability issues and will constantly act and listen to its consumers needs. They also expressed their gratitude for the 5 year old boy and his father for revealing the vulnerabilities of their gaming console.

Microsoft is ensuring its customers that it will give serious attention on pertaining issues from their products, and will continually fixed all errors reported to them.

Other than hacking the Xbox game console, Kristoffer also figured out some hacks on other devices like the smartphone his dad uses. He learned that by pressing the home button for long time, it will prompt to another option to unlock.

Kristoffer Von Hassel will be generously rewarded by Microsoft as a security researcher for the company, he will also get a year subscription to Xbox live, games, and a $50 cash incentive, just by hacking the Xbox game account of his dad.

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