Apr 06, 2014 09:27 AM EDT

Google Glass Released Later This Year Based On Rumors: Are We Ready For It?

Google Glass is believed to be launching soon form the tech giant maker of the most popular mobile device operating system Google Android. The highly anticipated wearable device will be coming soon for tech consumers out in the market later this year, 2014.

The tech giant from Silicon Valley, is reported to have been constantly working on its latest headset device, Google Glass. The newest device is a small computer mounted on a headset that was develop inside a secret workplace of the company. It has an optical prism on the right side of the device, it can also take images and videos just with a simple voice command or wink.

Google Glass can access certain applications that can be beneficial for its user. Someone wearing the device, which is just like a normal eye glasses, can actually see a small screen that gives out information to the individual wearing it.

The cool thing about the Google Glass is that it can actually tell you where you are, can give you ingredients for recipes while buying groceries, and making video calls with someone.

The latest device is still unavailable in the market, although prototypes are already sold to selected individuals. The Google Glass that are sold for $1,500 for some privilege users is a version they call Explorer edition. The first public ever public demonstration of the headset device came out in 2012.

The giant tech company is expected to release the Google Glass for a much cheaper version once it is released. Some opposing individuals claims that the device may be a concern and a problem for privacy. Some areas in the United States, like casinos in Las Vegas has already prohibited the use of the device.

The Google Glass launching soon will definitely change the future of the technology industry. It will provide its users a different view of the world.

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