May 07, 2014 09:37 AM EDT

Subway Jared Fogle Death Hoax: The Lovable Spokesman For Subway Was Reported To Have Died In A Fake Website

Subway lovable spokesman Jared Fogle is yet again another victim of the notorious death hoax trend spreading in the internet. He was known to be the guy who became famous after being an overweight who started a Subway sandwiches diet that led him to lose all the extra pounds.

The death hoax report currently being circulated in the internet involving Jared Fogle originated from a fake website that has posted claims that he has ate his last Subway sandwich, saying "Jared S. Fogle, best known as the spokesman for the Subway sandwich shop "The Subway Guy" Born December 1st,1977 - Died yesterday at 4/;43pm EST."

The rumor report of Jared Fogle's death was spotted at the website which shows a fake obituary of the subway spokesman. The fake post also indicated that the Jared Fogle's cause of death was unknown. Although upon checking the fake website, the contents of the site was already changed to a Japanese written website that shows a security surveillance image on its header.

On Monday, the death hoax news became increasingly trending in popular social media sites with users giving respect to Jared Fogle, posting RIP messages that has a funny and candid remark to the rumored dead Subway spokesman. Some fans who doesn't know it was just a death hoax was actually devastated about the news, while others who noticed that it was fake right away, just made fun on the whole thing.

Upon discovering about the death hoax, Jared Fogle quickly went to a social media site to let everyone know that he is still alive and kicking. He posted a message on his twitter account telling the world that he is alive and that his post seems to prove that he was not offended by the death hoax, and he thinks that it was just meant to be a practical joke on him.

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